Chemical Tracing

Chemical Tracers

Chemical tracers allow for fluid recovery diagnostics that aid in better decision making when optimizing production, improving fracturing efficiency, and establishing well spacing.

All STS tracers are manufactured and packaged in our warehouse facility.  All sample analyses are conducted at our newly designed laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment.  Both facilities are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Standard quality controls are administered in both facility to insure quality of products and testing, including following established EPA guidelines.

Once samples arrive in the lab, standard FFI® sample analysis reports will be completed and ready for customer review in 2-3 days.  Our OST® reports average a 7-10 day turnaround time giving the customer reservoir about productivity quickly.  Gas  sample reports for Nano Tracers (NT®) require a 7-14 day turnaround time.

STS continues its R&D effort to expand all chemical tracer product lines and to add new product lines by improving customer knowledge allowing for better decision making and utilizing techniques and advanced equipment to obtain better and faster results. 


Fracture Fluid Identifiers

Currently, we have 42 water soluble tracers (FFI®).  This allows for additional unique identifiers when the fracture contains many stages, or when looking for communication between wells.  Nine additional FFI® are under development.

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Oil Soluble Tracers

Spectrum's OST® are a solid particulate, not a liquid.  We currently have 34 unique OST® available, with several more in the development and testing stages. Nine additional OST® are under development.

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Nano Tracers

The Nano Tracers (NT®) have the ability to chemically trace natural gas reservoirs. There are currently 17 unique Nano Tracers®.

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Water Soluble Tracers

The water soluble tracer (WST™) is a particulate tracer used specifically for formation fluids and is currently in the R & D stage. 

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