Spectrum Tracer Services, LLC

Spectrum Tracer Services, LLC, (STS) is a provider of oilfield tracers chemicals, RA tracers, and logging with over a combined 120 years' experience within the oil and gas industry.  President, Steve Faurot, P.E., has a background as a fracture design engineer along with expertise in tracers diagnostics with major service providers.  Dr. Jon LaRue, comes from a management reservoir engineering and operations background. 

Our corporate office is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, along with its state of the art chemical testing facility.  Since our inception in 2010, we have been the industry leader in advancing downhole tracer technology.  Currently, we have traced over 5,000+ wells in 18 states and Canada.  Our continuing R&D efforts place us in the vanguard of downhole completion diagnostics as we improve and expand our product lines which include our newest water soluble tracers (WSTs™) now in the testing phases. Our goal is to provide oil and gas producers information they can use to improve their bottom line. 

The Spectrum team is an innovative company that meets the challenges placed before them. Creating a value difference for our customers is our hallmark. Spectrum continues to increase knowledge and opportunities for operators by creating innovative technologies. 



Our Mission

Spectrum Tracer Services is an independent radioactive tracer and chemical tracer company determined to bring the best possible service at the best value to each and every customer.