Our Services

Spectrum Tracer Services (STS) utilizes 5 different tracer techniques for different completion diagnostics:

  • FFI® Frac Fluid Tracer
  • OST® Oil Soluble Tracer
  • NT® Gas Tracer
  • WST™ Formation Particulate Tracer - *Under Development
  • RA Tracer - Can be logged with our Spectral Gamma Ray logging tool for analysis


Why Use Tracers                                         

Tracers are utilized for a variety of reasons.  Over the last few years, chemical tracers (non-radioactive) have dominated the diagnostic market as an inexpensive method to allow operators to determine fracturing length and communication between wellbores.  Along with analyzing whether a well is recovering fracturing fluid from sections of the lateral the tracers can “see” the fracture fluid entering offset wellbores from Pad style drilling and completion methods.  Oil Soluble Tracers (OSTs®) allow clients to observe hydrocarbon in liquid phase entering the wellbore and being produced following fracturing events and give the engineer knowledge about that well’s production.  The OSTs® can give back this information over a long period of time and lend support to decisions about best completion practices, fracturing efficiencies, flow back controls, lateral section productivity, and well-spacing.